Finally, A Hangover Cure

That Actually Works


Enjoy Drinking Without The Hangover

Introducing ENGOV – the Brazilian hangover cure that actually does what it’s supposed to do – Prevent Hangovers.

Engov is the little pill that allows you to enjoy drinking alcohol, partying and excessive ‘bad behaviour’, without the pain next day.

Part detox, part re-vitaliser and part pain-killer, simply pop one tablet before your first drink and another at the end of the night to effectively cancel out the negative effects of drinking too much and staying out late.

You’ll sleep like a baby and wake up feeling totally refreshed, ready to face the day as if you’d had a full 8 hours. Even when you have to show up for work and be at your best.

It’s the end of the morning after the night before as you know it!

And Engov is now available worldwide, including United States.

Hangover Cure - ENGOV

The Ultimate Cure for Hangovers

• Drink As Much As You Like

• Party All Night

• Feel Fine The Next Day

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