cure for hangovers

How Engov Cures a Hangover

The exact formula of Brazil’s best selling cure for hangovers is a closely guarded secret, but it’s results are well known all over the world.

To give you a better idea of how Engov works we’ve created this quick guide on the different ways it will help you prevent and cure a hangover.

Powerful Painkiller – An Aspirin style painkiller works to prevent headache and relieve any muscle pain you may have.

Neutralises Stomach Acid – Mineral salts reduce stomach acidity, to settle your tummy and prevent excess gas or diarrhoea.

Stops the Shakes – Vitamins B, C and E help boost your body’s natural immune system, flush out your blood and detox.

Hydrates and Re-Balances – Alcohol literally dries you out, resulting in an aching head and body. Engov prevents dehydration and restores your body’s natural equilibrium.

Cure for hangoverPrevents Nausea – Powerful Anti-Histamines usually used to treat flu and fevers calm your stomach and stop the waves of nausea.

Reduces Drowsiness – Vitamin C and Caffeine give you the energy boost you need to carry on as normal, no matter what you were drinking last night.

Engov is nothing short of a miracle if you enjoy a drink, but lead a busy life that doesn’t let you sleep off the effects of too much booze.

You never need to suffer another rough morning again. Grab a pack here.