5 Really Simple Ways to Prevent a Hangover That Work

Prevention is better than cure, as they say, and when it comes to drinking, and partying in general it’s well worth remembering that a few simple steps can really make a difference next morning.

While two Engov tablets are the best way to prevent a hangover, if you don’t have any to hand yet take a look at this video or scrol down to read our tips of preventing a hangover in the first place.

Eat something.

You may have thought that this was just an old wives tale, but the truth is that even a light snack will literally line your stomach, slowing down the absorbtion of alcohol and stimulating your digestove system which will help your body break down toxins.

Drink a glass of milk.

Again, this is more than mere gossip, because milk will also help protect your stomach and digestive system.

Alternate your drinks with a glass of water.

Alcohol won’t quench your thirst and its dehydrating effect frequently makes us more thirsty (and is responsible for the headache associated with being hungover), even though we may not notice it. By having a small glass of water between each drink you’ll help your body regulate itself naturally.

Drink more water before you go to bed.

Ideally it should be with an Engov tablet, but even on its own, a large glass of water (as large as you can manage) should always be your last drink of the night. And keep a glass by your bed, so that if you wake up you can have a quick slurp.

Do not drink coffee.

Contrary to popular opinion, having a cup of coffee at the end of an evening out will do harm than good; preventinng you getting to sleep, irritating your stomach and increasing the rate of de-hydration.

While coffee may help you focus the morning after a big night out, it’s definitely not recommended before you go to bed.

The Most Effective Way to Prevent a Hangover?

Simple. Take 2 Engov

Trusted by millions, Engov is the party loving boozer’s new best friend. One tablet with your first drink, and another at the end of the night guarantees you’ll feel none of the familiar symptoms of a hangover next morning.

You’ll wake up feeling refreshed, clear headed and ready to face the day.

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